Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

3 Possible Me’s

  1. Current: Trying to Become a Human Resources Manager.
  2. Becoming a Comedian
  3. Become an Art Designer/ Graphic designer


  • Human Resources Manager
    • 5 year Plan
      • 1st -Work as an internship at a Company
      • 2nd -go to a graduate school if having difficulty getting the job
      • 3rd – grad school year 2/ look for jobs
      • 4th – apply to HR jobs
      • 5th – Get promoted, get married and have kids
    • Evaluate
      • Confidence – 4/5
      • Resources 3/5
      • Impact – 3.5/5
      • Satisfaction – 4/5
    • Rapid Prototyping
      • Practice: I work as a Receptionist at a nail salon and it is kind of similar to HR manager’s job. I have to deal with each employees’ wants and needs and if they are not met, I inform to the owner so necessary steps of reconciliation can be made. It is hard, but I enjoy communicating with the employees and balancing their needs to optimal level.
  • Becoming a Comedian
    • 5 year plan
      • 1st-Go to an academy where they train trainees for comedians
      • 2nd- practice skits, stand up comedy, and coming up with ideas
      • 3rd- perform at a comedian theatre
      • 4th- apply to a comedian agency
      • 5th- get hired and work as a comedian, get married and have kids
    • evaluate
      • confidence – 4/5
      • resources – 2.5/5
      • impact -5/5
      • satisfaction -5/5
    • Rapid Prototyping
      • Interview: I asked this non-famous Korean comedian through Instagram and he was able to answer my few questions. First of all, he has been doing comedy for about 10 years and he is sill not famous nor makes a decent amount of money. He works part-time to earn a living but he is never going to give up his dream. He told me he started as a cleaner boy at a comedy theatre because they would not let him work or get trained. After a few years, he was recognized and now he is a member of the theatre. He does not have an agency, so he cannot appear on TV but his dream is to become famous and make more people laugh. This interview inspired my dream to become a comedian, which is my life long dream.
  • Becoming an Art Designer/ Graphic designer
    • 5year plan
      • 1st- go to an art academy and prepare for a portfolio
      • 2nd- apply to an art school/ get accepted
      • 3rd- art school year 2
      • 4th – year 3
      • 5th – year 4 and graduate, apply for a job as an art designer and get hired
    • Evaluate
      • Confidence – 3/5
      • resources -3/5
      • impact -4/5
      • satisfaction 4/5
    • Rapid Prototyping
      • Interview: I have interviewed one of my friend, who is a fashion designer and she graduated from OTIS. She told me her 4 years of school was nightmare because she could not get enough sleep due to the massive workload. But now, as a designer, she makes a lot of money and she enjoys what she does. But she has a lot of debt due to art school, and I do not know if I can afford art school.
  • Our of the three possible me’s, I would really like to become a comedian. I have always wanted to become one because I love making people laugh. I love coming up with the ideas and stories that would crack people up. But I knew that it would be a very hard thing to do, because you have to have some guts to stand in front of people and be funny. I get nervous doing presentations, so I do not know how I am going to do that. My safety net is to become a human resources manager, and as a psychology major this job is possible. But with current economy, it might be a little difficult so I might need to go to a graduate school. For my last job, which is an art designer is also my aspiring dream but I just could not afford to pay for an art school. I do not even know if I am talented enough for it. I have always liked drawing and making stuff on my own ever since I was young. I really enjoyed this activity because this got me thinking about my future and my possible me’s.

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