Wk 14 – Art Activity – Japanese Garden

For this week’s activity, I was supposed to go to the Japanese Garden and do some sketches. I could not go to the class on Wednesday and so I went to the Garden on my own time. It was my first time visiting the garden. First of all, I am terrible at drawing or sketching. So it was hard for me to draw sketches at first. I couldn’t decide on what to draw because there were a lot of pretty builders, flowers, and Japanese sculptures . The smell and the sound of the garden relaxed my mind and the atmosphere was so peaceful. It felt as if I was meditating, although I have never done it before. The sunlight was warm and the day was just perfect.

For the sketches, the 10-30 seconds sketch and the 5 minute sketch was fun, because I was in a hurry in a way and trying to come up with the best I can was interesting. Although the instruction said do not worry about my skills, I wanted to sketch my best. I drew some kind of Japanese builder that has some Asian patterns and it came out alright I think. And as I was concentrating on my art, I realized that the nature is the most beautiful thing to draw. I really had a pleasant time sketching in the garden and I will visit the garden often from now on.


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