Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Exhibition Information

Artist: Travis Lober

Exhibition : Work: It’s a four letter word

Gallery: SOA Gallery

About the Artist

Travis worked in construction field for many years prior to becoming an artist. He became attracted to the types of tools that he used for his work. He is a printmaking major and he is a senior at CSULB. He first got accepted as a graphic design, but after taking printmaking as an elective, he decided to change his major because it was more engaging.

Formal Analysis

His art is structured and has a definite forms. He created art pieces that represented his tools, from different perspectives. At first, I could not understand what it was, but after gazing at it at a distance, I figured that they were types of tools from a different angles, shapes, and more. The colors are dull but they grab the viewer’s attention because they have color themes.

Content Analysis

He said that the tools are the inspiration for and the subject of his prints. Each tool that he create as an art reminds him of the different smells, sounds, and vibrations that come from using them. He wanted viewers to know that those tools have a meaning and they are something more than a mundane object.


I have always thought that tools were tools. They never came to me as something unique because they are everywhere. After viewing his gallery, I came to realize that tools are important aspect in our lives and that everything has a meaning and roles for their existence. Every little mundane objects are not mundane anymore because they serve some kind of purpose. I really liked how he incorporated this past work experience to an art and how he impacted my point of view as well. I enjoyed his gallery.



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