Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.46.18 PM

I went to Palm Springs with my friend this week and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do my art activity.

At first I thought the experience would be horrible, because I have never did this in my life, or maybe a few times during a black out long time ago. That was because I had to but for this time it was my own will to do so. But actually, the experience was not so bad. I enjoyed some part of the activity. I used candle lights, and used fire for the barbeque. At night, we talked in our room with the candle light and we talked about some serious stuff that would have never happened if we used electricity because we would be on our phones all day.

It was definitely hard, because not having my phone with me was the hardest thing ever. I constantly check my cell phone to talk to someone, doing SNS and so on. But I ended up talking a lot with my friend so that helped a bit. I felt like I was missing out a lot though.

It was frustrating at first, because I was curious about what others were doing but as the time went by I became careless and focused on my own days.

I actually had a better sleep because I usually talk to my boyfriend for hours at night. I am usually sleep deprived because of that. But since I could not use my phone, I could not talk to him and I was tired from the trip so I went to sleep super early. It felt great in the morning, so I guess it would be good to sleep well every day.

Living without electricity is definitely organic with nature because you appreciate your natural surroundings more. Humans lived in a nature before, so it would not be a hard thing to do if we were to do it again. I was gazing at the stars for almost first time this year and it was really great.

Living without electricity would seem limited at first, but it is not because other things can replace electricity and people will adjust to new, natural surroundings.

I think people survived through constant stimulation by focusing on natural surroundings and their own daily lives, rather than paying attention to other people’s lives.

My ideal level of life is of course not completely without electricity, but if we could level it down a little bit and come to appreciate nature more the world will be more harmonious. The world of today is full of consumerism and wants from people. Humans have lived so well without iPhones, facebook, instagram and so on. We really need to appreciate the beauty of nature from our constant stimulation by electricity.




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