Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture : The Wedge

This is the wedge near the Brotman hall. I always go pass by this wedge and it is so annoying. For my new design, I have removed the wall that blocks the walk way. Instead, I built a little structure with a little pyramid that represents CSULB pyramid. Everything else is the same, except there is more space to pass by for the students. I have always wanted to remove the wall, because I do not know why it is there. I do not know what the person who designed the architecture was thinking. I always have to wait until the person from the other side pass by and it is REALLY annoying. We can simply remove it and the world will be a better place. I put the little structure in between to divide students who are going into and who are going out of. This way, there will be no wait for going through and students will easily go in and out of the way. I think in a year from now, students will thank me for building a convenient walk way, that made everyone else’s life easier.


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