Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Day Dreamer

By David DeSantis

About the Artist

David is  in BFA printing making and he is doing seniorships at CSULB. He started doing art when he was 18 years old. So it’s been about 9 years of doing art, but before he only drew motorcyles. He actually wanted to become a mechanic for so long, but obviously that did not work out. Eventually he changed to graphics- and now BFA printing making.

Formal Analysis

David’s artwork is very abstract. His work is based on the titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics of music. He mentioned that he was really into deep music and I can tell his work is related to that because the line and the texture is kind of flowy like music. His works are generally colorless, with simple colors like the one I posted.

Content Analysis

He said his work is a clash of experimentations on figurative imagery and expressive mark making. It is all about abstract expressionism. Also, his art lies within the chaos of the spontaneous drip, splatter, and flow of the media. His work embraces accidental abstract forms and shapes in various manners. His thoughts about music are embraced on his work and it depicts about his creative state of mind.


I really like David’s art because I really love music too. I love listening to music because it elevates my mood instantly whenever I am happy or sad. I can tell his artwork really expresses his feelings because it is really abstract and intellectual. It is also very nonfigurative and without any distinct shape. I love the freedom that is portrayed throughout his works and I really enjoyed his art gallery.



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