Wk 6 – Artist Story – Carmina Correa


Art : Arthur’s Fist

Artist: Carmina Correa

20″ x 30″


CSULB School of Art, SOA Gallery 

Description : This art can be relatable to many others. This may only look like a fist, but it could be incorporated to many situations. This is a mimic of a famous Arthur’s fist, where it emphasize’s people being mad over certain situations. As for me, I make a fist a lot these days, because I am going through a lot. I made a fist just yesterday, because this customer at work was being rude to me. I made another fist today, because I was having some issues with my mother. I made a lot of fist with my boyfriend, because we always fight over petty things. Although I make fists almost everyday, I do not express my negative emotions, because I am making a fist. If people do express my feelings every time I make a fist, the world will be in chaos. The world is at peace because we learn to calm ourselves with making a fist, and let go of our bad feelings. This artist wanted to emphasize people’s tolerance and patience with a remake of Arthur’s fist. Everyone has their own ‘making a fist’ moments. It is really the matter of whether or not we express our negative feelings toward one another. A better person knows when to express or make a fist and not do anything because he or she knows how to control their emotions. Perhaps we all need to learn how to control ourselves, in this chaotic world.



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