Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

This week’s art experience was very fun. I had to make zines and flip books, which meant that I get to become an author of my own story! I made a book of me and my boyfriend’s love story because I think our story is quite interesting. We were elementary school friends and we reunited after 14 years of no contact. I had a lot of fun while creating this book, because it reminded me of how we met from the beginning and till now. I used our 4X6 index cards and stapled the middle so it could become a book. I wanted it to look as simple as possible with one sentence per page.

I am not good at drawing, but just coming up with our own stories was enjoyable. It kind of looks like a children’s book because of my drawings, but I think they are cute. The story ends with us going out, living happily ever after. I do not know how the story will go on, but I hope it is an happy ending just like my book! I cannot wait to show it to him when I meet him in Korea this summer. This week’s art activity was a pleasant experience and I look forward to do more fun activities!


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