Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Gallery: SOA Gallery

Contact: molly.a.ramage@gmail.com

About the Artist

Molly is an undergraduate Junior and it is her third year here at CSULB. Her major is Print Making. She said she has been doing art ever since she was young. Her ideas and arts pieces are related to vivid dreams, but they are not necessarily of her own.

Formal Analysis

Her art pieces are quite melancholy and vivid. They are colorful and has a variety of different colors. All her pieces are the manipulation of paper. She said its ability to absorb moisture and withstand pounds of pressure is amazing. The texture of the art pieces is rather intense and soft at the same time, because her artwork itself is detailed and intense, but since they are drawn on a paper, they are soft. All pieces have dreamlike qualities.

Content Analysis

As I mentioned above, the art works are related to vivid dreams and nightmares. There are scary looking monsters and creatures. Or there are girls who looks somewhat lonely and alone. She said her pieces should create uncomfortable feelings, because they are the nightmares that everyone has. She also said that each pieces resemble her emotional experience. She explained that dreams are how we process emotion, repressed feelings and it also connects to our real life.


From the interview, I realized that her art work is not only of her own emotions, but also it can be related to anyone else. As what she said from the above, dreams express our current emotional feelings consciously or unconsciously. I dream about everyday and they are quite vivid as well. I could really relate to Molly and her nightmares because I have a lot of bad dreams. But after visiting her gallery, I think nightmares are not that bad, because they can be turned into a masterpiece! Dreams are lonely and scary at times, but it also can be fun and helpful for us. I really liked her gallery because dream itself is my favorite concept.


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