Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 8.39.20 PM.png

For this art activity- Art care package, I am sending it to my boyfriend in Korea. I thought this he would be an excellent person to receive my ACP because although we are far away, each of my ephemera pieces really mean a lot to each other. I have put train tickets, a concert ticket and pictures of us together. The tickets were from Korea that we bought when we were together last September. He probably does not know that I have not thrown them away. He would be surprised to see them again and I hope they would bring out the memories we spent together.

My boyfriend is Jihwan Lee (Jayden Lee) and he is 25 years old. He lives in Korea. Although my ACP does not actually contain the actual art, but all those papers have a meaning to us.

Sending an ACP is definitely not quite similar to sending someone a Snapchat. But if I were to come up with an idea, it would be the preparing part. I wanted the recipient to be happy when they receive my ACP. This goes the same for Snapchat. I want the person to smile when they click on my Snapchat.

It is definitely different to send ACP than a Snapchat because ACP is dealing with actual things to be mailed to the person. It costs time, effort and money. For Snapchat, we can easily send one in a matter of seconds! With the ACP, it would take days and weeks depending on the distance.

My ephemera pieces are meaningful and precious. Well, at least for me. Each papers and pictures have a lot of stories and I am sure he will take a lot of time examining our little memories. I believe that it does gain value over time, because my ephemera pieces are from last year and it would really mean a lot more when we get married (perhaps) and when we show them to our kids. They are actually from our first travel that we went on together  while I was in Korea (and his first time ever!). So it really means a lot.

Yes, there are a lot of difference between things we see at a Museum or this ACP that my boyfriend will be receiving. While the museum art may be less private but more artistic and valued, our ephemera are quite private and personal. If we were to show our ACP to someone else, it might not mean anything, but to us it can be as valuable as an art at a Museum, perhaps more important.

I think Snapchat is better to send minimal and less important things, because it goes away in seconds. Someone would not send something important to be fade away to someone with a Snapchat. ACP definitely takes more time and effort and therefore the recipient will value more about ACP then a Snap. I think faster is better in some ways because we do not have to wait and we can see what other person is doing in a matter of seconds. The slower is better for creating the tension and expectation of the package. For example, if I order something online, waiting for that package make me happy because I do not know when I would be getting it.

I think faster and slower have both pros and cons but it does not mean that one is better than the other. I can get someone a 2 hour took Medium rare Filet minon or a Mcdonald to my loved one and they would love it no matter what. ACP does involve more effort and time, but it does not mean that Snapchat is any less. Honestly, as a long distance couple, all we do is Snapping each other everyday. We cannot go on without snapping our daily lives and I really love the app. Without it, this long distance would have been much difficult. As for the ACP, I really enjoyed doing it too. I believe they both can have the same love, it is just that they have different way of expressing it. I like them both! I will continue to send ACP whenever I have the time or have a new ephemera to send. This was a very interesting art activity.



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