Wk 3 – Artist Essay – Mimi Haddon


Mimi Haddon’s MFA Fiber Art gallery was interesting and fun to observe. Haddon’s art works consisted of colorful T-shirts. She said her project with T-shirts started over a year ago. Her interest for her own native materials throughout the world blossomed as she braided, weaved, knotted and built structures with some of other native materials.

As previously stated, her works are composed of T-shirts. She gets them from Goodwill, which is brilliant. She is making thrift clothes into piece of artwork! The shape of the artwork is flexible, because they are made of T-shirts so there are not definite shapes. The colors are highly colorful with lots of yellow, red, greens, which are primary colors. She mentioned the ‘color theory’, which is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. Her art is tied and braided with one another, giving a mixed, bright colored look.

Mimi explained that her artwork portrays some kind of inflated and deflated feelings (balloon art). She also said that the T-shirts shows up everywhere in garment district and how it represents the fast fashion of the LA. Mimi declared that with the act of cutting, putting, and seeing a new shape forming made her to see the nuances of the color in each piece, as she did not dye any of her T-shirts. She used the original form of T-shirts, not altering the original state. I thought that was interesting because artists generally do much of the modification to their art materials.

As for my own synthesis, I believe her art can relate to everyone’s feelings, both bad and good. Her art is strangled within each other, braided and connected to one other. Just as how everyone’s feelings are depended on one another, her artwork reveals how our feelings are tied with one another. As from my own personal experience, her artwork resonates with my own because currently I am having a lot of mixed feelings about my own life. Perhaps my complicated feelings can become beautiful later, just like her artwork.


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