Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

This week's artists experience a very fun one. I asked my grandmother to help me and she seemed to like the art activity as well. At first, she did not understand what I was doing and we laughed while doing it. I explained to her what I am doing, and she still did not understand. That… Continue reading Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing


Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Information Artist: Molly Ramage Exhibition: Sleep Sweat Gallery: SOA Gallery Contact: molly.a.ramage@gmail.com About the Artist Molly is an undergraduate Junior and it is her third year here at CSULB. Her major is Print Making. She said she has been doing art ever since she was young. Her ideas and arts pieces are related to… Continue reading Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Artist: Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah Exhibition: Immaterial Gallery: CSULB SOA Gallery Instagram: wookiewarrior   Elmer and Robert have very interesting background. They grew up drawing and they loved drawing ever since. One of the guys was actually preparing for firefighting, but he could not resist his passion for art and decided to come to CSULB… Continue reading Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah

Wk 3 – Artist Essay – Mimi Haddon

  Mimi Haddon's MFA Fiber Art gallery was interesting and fun to observe. Haddon's art works consisted of colorful T-shirts. She said her project with T-shirts started over a year ago. Her interest for her own native materials throughout the world blossomed as she braided, weaved, knotted and built structures with some of other native materials. As previously… Continue reading Wk 3 – Artist Essay – Mimi Haddon